before becoming fabric specialists, we started as garment manufacturer. today we still are. we offer finished product, from design to delivery. our product specialism lies in complex styles: outerwear, soft tailoring, trousers, and delicate light woven.


Hangzhou is the city where we were born and raised professionally. so, we have kept our core where it belongs. from here we handle material sourcing, pattern making, prototyping and final bulk production; and very important our partnerships with our material suppliers and confection partners.


our Europe productions are suitable for structured and semi-tailored wear such as trench coats, wool coats, blazers and trousers. we offer finished product, meaning our client only pays for the final product; we take care of the rest.


    office and warehouse: Hangzhou
    sewing: Hubei, Zhejiang
    raw material supply: China
    minimum order quantity per SKU: 300pcs


    office and warehouse: Amsterdam
    sewing: Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania
    raw material supply: Italy, Portugal, Turkey, China
    minimum order quantity per SKU: 100pcs

SOURCING AND MATERIAL SUPPLY DESIGN TECHNICAL FILE pattern making and grading prototyping sales sample collections bulk production quality control logistics pattern making and grading

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