by workingmenblues

our aim is to approach the design process with

a regenerative and long-term mindset, by
encouraging pure fabric compositions. mono-
materials are easier to recycle and most likely to
live longer through new creations.

our customisation options are based on layers:
from the base fiber to the top embellishment,
you can customize the fabric of your choice by
choosing between 100% natural or synthetic

depending on your MOQ, we provide a variety
of certification options for organic and recyled
fibers, to support you in the creation of a
conscious collection.

we focus on ecological


design and R&D: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
production 1: Hangzhou, China

production 2: Rigal, Latvia

production 3: Istanbul, Turkey

invoicing and logistics: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


MOQ: 10m lead time: 3-4 weeks


MOQ: 300m* we can go below case by case
with up-charge

lead time: 5-6 weeks

want to know more about our customisation options?